Zoran Horvat

Founder and Principal Consultant in Coding Helmet Consultancy

Principal Consultant at Coding Helmet s.p.r.l.

Zoran is a Principal Consultant at Coding Helmet Consultancy, speaker and author of 100+ articles, and independent trainer on .NET technology stack. He can often be found speaking at conferences and user groups, promoting object-oriented development style and clean coding practices and techniques that improve the longevity of complex business applications.


Topic: Problem Decomposition Techniques for the Agile World (#Tech)


This talk is all about code, in a software project which is all about requirements – and user stories, of course. How do we translate user stories into code? How do we write user stories that can be translated into code in the first place?

In this presentation, you will learn valuable techniques of breaking a large problem into subproblems, while remaining within premises of user stories through the entire process. Each user story will remain verifiable and complete, and implementing each will add value to the product.