Vladimir Kelava

He is passionate about encouraging people to grow and to create a better work environment in healthy and thriving teams.

Vladimir is an Agile Coach at Schneider Electric’s unique R&D center. With a presence in over 100 countries, Schneider Electric is the undisputed global leader in grid management and automation solutions. Vladimir has been part of the software development world for more than 12 years, working as a Software Engineer, Team Leader, Scrum Master, and Agile Coach.

Helping people embrace an agile mindset, innovation and new ways of working through participative leadership is his everyday life. Vladimir is very interested in industrial and organizational psychology, always available to talk about the role of management in an agile environment, especially over a glass of good craft beer. Invite him for one and see it for yourself.

Vladimir is also a Management 3.0 Licensed Facilitator, blending well with his interest in the topic of the role of management in an agile environment. His style is casual and revolves around interactions with people. In his work, he aptly uses storytelling, metaphors, and a lot of real-life examples.  More often than not you’ll see him drawing flip charts on the fly, always willing to go the extra mile to explain the concepts. He knows concepts – he lives them. People love him for his authenticity, receptiveness, and genuine interest.


Topic: The Good Practice, The Bad Practice, and the… Improvement(#HR & #Agile Workshop in Serbian language)


What should we celebrate: failure or success? Or both? I believe it is clear why to celebrate success, but what about failure? When do people learn, do people learn from failure or success? Or both? Again. The answer to all these simple questions is not that simple and it can literally be combinations of – it depends and something in the middle, as is usually the case with many things in life. But also, usually, for us such an answer is simply not good enough.

In this workshop, we will answer these questions together through a series of exercises and discussions. A good way to come up with an answer is to use popular Management 3.0 practice – “Celebration Grid”. Celebration Grid can help us to organize the talk around behaviors versus outcomes and success versus failure and finally to help us get to what really lies behind – it depends and something in the middle. Although it looks simple, it is a powerful tool that can be used in a variety of situations, it only depends on your creativity and willingness to try.

At this workshop we will learn and discuss:

  • what is Celebration Grid and how to use it and share some examples of when to use it
  • importance of finding a balance between exploitation and exploration
  • why the constant use of good practices does not bring improvement
  • how to identify mistakes ( bad practices )
  • how to optimize learning
  • the importance of running experiments, and how running experiments is connected with learning
  • how the organizational structure is related to all of the above

For this workshop, basic Agile knowledge/experience is recommended, but it is not required. Also, this workshop is going to be in Serbian language!