Timofey Yevgrashyn

Timofey is an experienced Agile Manager with consulting, coaching, and training expertise.


His experience in the IT industry starts back in 1998, from which more than 12 years he had been launching and managing effective software teams with Agile methods. Over the last years, he is sharing his knowledge and experience as a Trainer, Agile Coach, and Consultant.

His work is always pragmatic and practical and training is more of an interactive workshop than just a theory. He is a big fan of education with games and is the author of several Agile games. Back in 2010, he introduced ScrumCardGame for his training, and later a community of people tried it and asked him to make it publicly available. Now, this simple and realistic Scrum simulation is available in Printed and Online form.

Workshop: Teach Scrum with ScrumCardGame (#Agile)


Most of you have been introducing Scrum to a team at least once. Often, after a short intro, people ask: “Ok, I’ve got it, but what does it mean for me to work with Scrum?”.

At this moment a serious play comes in handy. Just invite your participants to experience work in the Plan-Do-Reflect cycle and let them learn from their experience and conversations with you. 

 This workshop will show how to run a Scrum Card Game simulation and teach Scrum. We run the simulation and also discuss meta-level insights of teaching Scrum.

This is a hybrid workshop, accommodating offline and online participants at the same time.