Radek Orszewski

Radek Orszewski – is a seasoned agility practitioner with over 15 years of international experience in software products development and services delivery working with organizations across Europe. After working in Berlin for almost 10 years he’s now based in Wroclaw, Poland.


He works with Kanban Method since 2011 and thanks to successful and documented implementations he has become an Accredited Kanban Consultant and since 2019 also an Accredited Kanban Trainer. He provides both internal classes, consulting, and coaching services as well as public training for various business areas.


He founded some Lean Coffee communities, is a lecturer at CODE University in Berlin and he also hosts a Kanban-dedicated audio podcast Kanban przy kawie”.


Topic: Upstream Kanban to the rescue (#Kanban #ProductBacklog)


How to manage Product Backlog to keep them transparent, accessible, and understood by organizations’ business and delivery parts. Whether you work in Scrum and work iteratively or continuously better visualization and active management of backlogs can help both Product people and specialists responsible for delivery.