Predrag Rajković

He is a creative storyteller and an Agile mastermind.
He is Predrag Rajković.


Predrag Rajković is an experienced digital professional and Agile practitioner trying to help companies and people to become more successful. He is an Agile Coach helping organizations in their transformation to become more Agile companies. Also, he is a member of the Agile Serbia Coaching Club, where he has run lots of initiatives, facilitated lots of workshops on different topics related to Agile practices, and methodology in general.

Experienced People and Product Manager with a history of working in the telecommunications and IT industry. Successfully managed dislocated teams operating in different markets. Skilled in introducing Scrum and SAFe in corporate environment. Strong marketing professional with a MSc focused in E-commerce from Belgrade University – Faculty of Economics.

Predrag is able to give support both to Development teams and Product Owners in improving their modus operandi and to business stakeholders in understanding the essence of cooperation and common work in agile environment better. He has a clear vision which he successfully transfers to development team, and – more important – he always clearly understand the workload and how to balance between requirements, resources and the always dreadful deadlines.

He built his expertise over years within Energy sector, working as an expert for government institutions, as same as for large organizations. More than a decade he supported Telenor, with mission in keeping the company and its projects aligned with digital strategy.

Predrag  is currently implementing latest product development techniques in United Cloud, helping the company shape products through rational, data based and consumer validated approach. Predrag works as internal coach for implementing Lean product design and development techniques, and as a product manager continuing his clear record of successfully developing digital product in telco or IT industry.

He is experienced and engaging storyteller managing to keep audience active even in after-lunch sessions. He believes in Agile approach as a key factor for success in digital arena, therefore he is evangelist (although sometimes it seams Sisyphean) of Agile practices in a corporate environment.

Hands-on experience gives him ability to speak of the challenges lively with numerous real-life examples. He speaks frankly and directly without sugar-coating or wrapping in corporate euphemisms.


Topic: „A Product Owner with a failure and how to mend them“ (#Agile)


We shall explore the differences between a Product Owner and a Product Manager? How should, from a successful product management perspective, an ideal product person look like and what skills do they need to have?

Once we have dissected the ideal product person, we need to ask ourselves, is there such a person and can we find them and attract them to come and work for us. Finally, what happens if we cannot find the ideal candidate and how can we develop a person into a successful, full-stack product person.

Key takeaways, after this session you should have a clear understanding of what is required from a product person, what are the challenges with this role in real life, and you will come out with a clear idea on how you can approach solving the problem of having a product person with an incomplete skill set.