Predrag Rajković i Veljko Manojlović – Telenor

Predrag Rajković i Veljko Manojlović - Telenor

Telenor Group is one of the world’s largest mobile operator with 203 million subscribers in 13 markets, and another 14 due to ownership in the company VimpelCom Ltd. Telenor has a strong presence in Central and Eastern Europe and Asia. Telenor strives to be a driving force in the field of mobile telephony in Serbia and to always offer creative, innovative and simple solutions for its customers.

Telenor is one of the companies in Serbia which recognized Scrum as a very useful framework for product development. Their functioning through Scrum teams represents good case practice.

Predrag Rajković is in charge for creation and implementation of strategy of channels offering digital experience on multiple markets (Serbia and Montenegro). He leads the team responsible for user experience, managing and development of website, self-care portals (conusmer and business), mobile app, web shop and electronic bill on two markets. He is a Scrum Product Owner in agile development team working in Scrum framework.

Veljko Manojlović is involved in implementing agile way of work in the development department. Last five years, he works as a technical lead for the team of external developers focused on public apps development. He is a Scrum Master in a development team.