Predrag Rajković

Predrag Rajković

He is a creative storyteller and an Agile mastermind.
He is Predrag Rajković.

To be an expert in any business segment takes some time. Predrag Rajković knows how to be extraordinary in Agile. Especially in coaching. More than 15 years of experience in this kind of field is proof of his expertise. Predrag is a digital professional and Agile practitioner trying to help companies and people to become more successful. He’s an Agile Coach.

Predrag is an Advanced Certified Scrum Product Owner, Experienced People, and Product Manager with a rich history of working in the telecommunications and IT industry. Currently, Predrag works as an internal coach for implementing Lean product design and development techniques, and as a product manager continuing his clear record of successfully developing digital product in telecom or IT industry.

Further, Predrag successfully managed dislocated teams operating in different markets. Skilled in introducing Scrum and SAFe in the corporate environment. When we’re talking about business, Predrag is able to support both Development teams and Product Owners in improving their modus operandi. Then, business stakeholders understand the essence of cooperation and common work in an Agile environment better. He has a clear vision that he successfully transfers to the development team. Always clearly understands the workload and how to balance between requirements, resources, and the always dreadful deadlines.


WORKSHOP: Product Owner in practice


“Backlog creation, story mapping and T-shirt sizing”


Workshop agenda:

  • Introduction to tools for Product Owners (Story Mapping and Estimation techniques);
  • Review and work on case studies on which you’ll these techniques;
  • Based on these cases you’ll see what kind of decisions you’ll make as an experienced Product Owner;

Hello, Product Owners!

We know that your role is challenging. You are responsible for setting, prioritizing, and accepting the work generated by a team in order to ensure the most valuable a proper functionality of the product. Together with Predrag on the workshop “Product Owner in practice”, we’ll explore tools that are nowadays mandatory for Product Owners: Story Mapping and Estimation techniques.

Story mapping does not only help you structure and prioritize your thoughts, but also engage a wider circle of people into product creation.

T-shirt sizing helps you understand how complex is your idea and how much effort you have to put in it till it’s ready for your customers to see it.

At the workshop, we will first get a common understanding of how those techniques work, who should be involved for the best results and what should be the practical output. Then we will have a practical part where, in smaller groups and with the help of the facilitator, you will use techniques on a real problem.

At the end of the day you will have experience in using the said techniques which you will be able to implement in your business environment straight away. With this you will have one technique more in your arsenal that leads you from an idea towards a finished product.

More importantly, we’ll focus on your practical examples. Book your seat on time and don’t forget to enjoy a flight that will take you to an unforgettable Product Owner adventure!

  • The number of participants: 40 (20 per one workshop)
  • Prerequisites:

* An essential Product Owner knowledge/experience is a must
* It is too short a time-slot to explaining the PO basics

  • Workshop duration: 1.5 hours
  • Workshop moderator: Predrag Rajković

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