Predrag Rajković

Regional Scrum Gathering Belgrade 2022!

Predrag Rajković is an experienced digital professional and Agile practitioner. He is trying to help companies and people to become more successful. He is an Agile Coach helping organizations in their transformation to becoming more Agile. On top of that, he is a member of the Agile Serbia Coaching Club. There he ran many initiatives, and facilitated workshops on different Agile related topics.

He has extensive experience as Product Manager with a history of working in telecommunications and IT industry. Also, he successfully managed dislocated teams operating in different markets. Furthermore, he is skilled in introducing Scrum and SAFe in corporate environment. Above that, he is also strong marketing professional with a MSc focused in E-commerce.

Predrag Rajković is certified facilitator of the Design Sprint framework. Therefore, he helps teams discover problem that needs to be solved for users, propose solution, create prototype, and validate the solution with end-users.

He strongly believes in Agile approach as a key factor for success in digital arena. Therefore he is evangelist (although sometimes it seems Sisyphean) of Agile practices in a corporate environment.


Topic: “Continuous discovery and Opportunity Solution Tree” by Predrag Rajković (#Agile #Workshop)


Have you already heard of Continuous Discovery and Opportunity Solution Tree by Teresa Torres?

This might be the thing that will help you create and improve your products with features customers actually need. In addition, this framework will help you systematize your discovery activities, focus all ideas you have for product improvement, and lead you toward product goal achievement.

Here, you will learn about the Continuous discovery and Opportunity Solution Tree. You will have the opportunity to try the framework on a real-life example. Lastly, the workshop will provide you a tool that you can continue using in your everyday life.

No previous knowledge, apart from general product management vocabulary, is required.