Panel No. 1

When there’s good company time goes fly. Right?

Within our Conference we’re presenting you the first Panel. Our moderator is Petri Heiramo, our dear friend and an experienced Agile Trainer and Coach. He has run more than 300 certified trainings and we believe that the upcoming panel discussion will be quite interesting.

Don’t scroll because guests on our panel are Angel Medinilla, Andrea Goulet and Marc Löffler.

As you know, they’re all marvelous professionals.

Angel Medinilla today is considered as a leading Agile consulting and coaching companies in Spain and one of the most well-known in Europe and Latin America. He’s a licensed Management 3.0 Trainer, a SAFe Program Consultant, and a member of Scrum Alliance & Agile Alliance.

Andrea Goulet is named by LinkedIn as one of the ”Top Professionals in Software” under 35. Her learning objectives are directed towards agile anti-patterns and antidotes, the company’s culture, building trust in teams.

Marc Löffler is a master in Scrum Retrospective. By Marc’s name, you’ll read that he’s an honored speaker, author, and Agile Coach. His expertise is colored with his capability to convince people of the benefits of Agile.

Are you ready for this upcoming adventure? All-Stars Stage is just theirs. As well as yours to enjoy!