Panel discussion

For the first time, during the 3rd Agile Serbia Conference, we are organizing a panel discussion, hosted by Petri Heiramo!

Agile methodology emphasizes the importance of teamwork, frequent delivery of functional parts of the product, close cooperation with customers/clients and the ability to quickly respond to changes.

Scrum and other Agile frameworks provide clear roles for business people and people in teams, but most are eerily silent on what to do with managers. As a result, most organizational change initiatives fail to address those people, resulting in lack of support in managerial layers. And that lack of support often spells doom for the whole initiative. During this panel discussion, panelists will talk about managers in an Agile organization.


What shall we do with Managers in an Agile organization?

Our three panelists, Bob Hartman, Almudena Rodriguez Pardo and Karl Scotland, will share their views on what to do with managers in an Agile transition!

Some of the questions that will be addressed are:

  • What is an Agile manager supposed to do, or be like?
  • What is their role in the transition and in the future organization?
  • Are there any frameworks that actually provide support for the manager role?
  • Are there enough manager roles for all managers, and if not, what to do with the extra people?

During the conference, all participants will be able to add their own questions! Later, during the discussion to get answers on them. Stay tuned! 🙂