Olaf Lewitz

Olaf Lewitz

Olaf is Agile Leadership guru. He is among 94 of the total Certified Enterprise Coaches of the Scrum Alliance. He has over 15 years of experience in Agile.

Olaf is a co-founder of the TrustTemenos Leadership Academy. He works with leaders, increasing their clarity of identity and intention. He helps growing organisations where safe spaces are available for people to show up and grow. In 2016, together with Christine Neidhardt he published a workbook for leaders – Showing Up, available on LeanPub.

As a Trust Artist, Olaf is a veteran and leader in the international Agile Community. For nearly 20 years, he has visited and helped hundreds of organizations to transform. During that time, exploring culture and making sense of leadership have become his specialties. His strategy: increasing trust and responsibility through invitation and clarity. Olaf invites us to trust ourselves and others. He believes: You deserve to love what you do.

Among the first, together with Christine Neidhardt, he began to deliver Certified Agile Leadership Course across Europe. So far, they received good reviews from the participants, with all recommendations. Furthermore, Olaf is a popular speaker at conferences around the world.

“How does a technical guy become an Agile Leader?”

Olaf Lewitz is going to share with you some insights about the journey from an introvert engineer to an Agile Leader! According to him, everyone who is involved in software development can become an Agile Leader.

Olaf thinks that all engineers like structure, processes, predictability, and simple design. Most of today’s managers in software organisations have an engineering background. They have taken responsibility in organisations that were designed for stability and success in stable markets. Now, the conditions change. Organisations change. Business agility and leadership agility are called for. How do we make that change?

Olaf Lewitz is a speaker on the Epic stage at the 3rd Agile Serbia Conference. In his speech he will share his personal learnings and insights, his successes and failures. He will share patterns and strategies that worked for him, and tools that may help all of us deliver leadership as an Agile service.