Nemanja Krivokapić

He is an OTT/IPTV System Architect responsible for strategic planning of the OTT/IPTV platform for United Cloud, one of the leading development centers in Europe.

Nemanja Krivokapić started seven years ago as a web developer on the LAMP stack. Through the years, he has moved from custom CMS projects to enterprise-scale, high-availability platform Java development. Thanks to his broad technical experience, he spent several years working on OTT/IPTV streaming platform development as a Java Core senior engineer.


Topic: “Agile in the world of EON video streaming”


Video streaming by its nature is a real-time, high-volume service. Now multiply that by the number of households in southeastern Europe and you get an idea of the scale of operation we encounter with our streaming platform – EON. Our platform started as a monolithic application that we are transforming into a highly available, resilient, micro-service-oriented platform. Let’s talk about how Agile helps us to get closer to this goal with each sprint and release while still being able to introduce new functionalities and improve customer experience.