Mita Čokić

Mita Čokić is an expert in software engineering, and his area of expertise are distributed systems and communication protocols. In this area, he received his PhD in 2020.


Over the years, he was building his career from software developer to team leader, up to current role as principal software architect. Part of his current role is detecting areas of improvement of technical solutions that should lead to decreasing of total cost of ownership, such as improving performances, addressing technical debt, etc. He also participates in defining technical standards and processes, eg. code review guidelines, coding standard, etc.


He is very passionate about sharing knowledge and helping young people to develop their skills. As a teaching assistant at the Faculty of Technical Sciences, he helped students to gain knowledge on topics related to his area of expertise. Now, in Schneider Electric company, he is mentoring young professionals and helps them to build their expertise in software engineering.


Topic: “What to expect when engineering complex software solutionsby Mita Čokić (#AgileLeadership)

,,Building complex software solutions with large, development teams introduces a number of challenges. These challenges can significantly increase capital and operational cost of the solution.


“Join me to find out what you can anticipate when you face complexity, and how you can overcome challenges which may come along the way. “