Miroslav Aničin

Miroslav Aničin

Miroslav has led teams and departments with 50+ members through Agile transformation at different organizations, and has led up to five concurrent teams with as many as 35 developers on their path out of troubled eCommerce projects and on their way to becoming great Scrum teams.

He is highly dynamic, energetic and motivated Executive and Practitioner with 25+ years of diverse experience in Project, Program & Portfolio Management, Organizational Change Management, Business Analysis, Business Process Management, Solution Architecture, Software Development and Implementation.

Miroslav loves a challenge and looks forward to working with new clients and on new projects.



Luka Aničin – co-trainer


Luka is an experienced Artificial Intelligence Engineer. In his career, he had worked in many different startups. Because of the dynamic and fast-changing startup environment projects success highly relay on the Agile methodology.

Some project that Luka has in his portfolio: Electricity grid optimization for multiple countries, OCR for car chassis numbers, object detection pipeline for image search system, etc. He is putting his knowledge and experience into one to coach people interested in Data Science.



Experiencing PI Planning


SAFe (Scaled Agile Framework for Enterprises) Practice – Experiencing PI (Program Increment) Planning


Workshop agenda:

  • Prepare to experience PI Planning,
  • Create and review draft PI Plans,
  • Finalize plans and establish Business Value,
  • Review final plans and commit to a set of PI Objectives.

This topic is design to help you in understanding of how the fundamental segment of SAFe is structured and how it should be conducted, same as to help you understand the responsibilities of different SAFe roles during the PI planning.

Furthermore, discuss the understanding of how the mass-planning collocated meeting is structured and the value of it, also the understanding of how the alignment between business and delivery should be established using such an event.

The workshop is perfect for you if you are Agile practitioners, Scrum Masters, Product Owners, Agile team members, Product Managers, people from business with an essential Agile knowledge/experience.

  • The number of participants: 30
  • Prerequisites:
    • An essential Agile knowledge/experience is a must
    • It is too short time-slot to explaining the Agile basics
    • The same participants should participate both sessions of 45 minutes
  • Workshop duration: 1.5 hours
  • Workshop moderators: Miroslav Aničin and Luka Aničin