Mina Valčić

Mina is a communication enthusiast who enjoys converting impossible concepts into successful ventures.

After her studies of operations and quality management, she proceeded to work in a rapidly upscaling environment, assuring customer delight on various software projects. By being a genuine believer in the power of Agile, she excels in finding patterns, trends and out-of-the-box solutions for heading big teams towards one common goal.

While playing a role of Delivery Manager in the company Levi Nine, Mina has become passionate about the engineering productivity, quality and satisfaction of all stakeholders. After leading several teams in her career, one thing she can surely convince you of is that organisational culture is a living thing that requires ongoing care and nurturing, yet it is the only way to develop motivated teams around stories, plot lines and profit.

As a strategic Agile thinker and idea generator, Mina’s two passions are learning new things and untangling complex puzzles.