Miloš Zeković

Miloš Zeković has more than 10 years of experience in the IT industry (more than 7 years as a Scrum Master) and has facilitated many workshops and trainings. He holds several worldwide recognized certificates in Agile/Scrum and has a proven experience in Scrum team coaching. He holds Certified Scrum Professional®, both Scrum Master and Product Owner, as well as Certified LeSS Practitioner® certificates.

Miloš’s biggest enjoyment is seeing people develop – to be better at what they do and who they are. With a keen interest in fostering understanding, breaking communication barriers and building better work environments, he joined Agile coaching community.

Miloš enjoys organizing and facilitating workshops and events. His style is interactive, friendly, with lots of examples from everyday life and his own experience. A special passion is holding 1:1 coaching and mentoring sessions for Agile practitioners.

As a member of Agile Serbia community, Miloš has run lots of initiatives, trainings, and workshops on different topics related to Agile. He is a regular member of Agile Coaching Corner at Agile Serbia Conference, as well as one of the speakers.


Leadership development program – created and delivered with Agile HR


Imagine a CEO asks of you to install a more unified performance culture in your organization. You are asked to develop materials, deliver trainings, get new tools, processes, standards and behaviors running all in line with the company values. Company has diverse culture, multiple sites on two continents, diverse teams and vastly different leadership experience and styles. Company needs it fast, yet you have limited resources.

How would you face this challenge? How would you create and deliver a leadership development program tailored to your company. How would you insure quality and fast delivery?

Sounds complex? Damn right. Luckily, Agile excels in solving complex problems! Join our DEV stage to hear a way to do it.

Miloš will tell you a story of creating and delivering a leadership development program as a product using Scrum framework and Agile principles. You will hear how HR implemented roles, process, feedback loops, and backlog prioritization. It is a story of turning a traditional training project into continuous learning and development of both the learning content and learners.

Be prepared for the journey, as Miloš likes interactive discussions – get your questions ready. This topic is great for HR professionals, learning content creators, Scrum Masters and Agile practitioners who would like to see Agile product development beyond IT.