Michael Niessl

Enthusiastic, committed, and results-driven generalist with 20 years of experience in Europe and the US as a test engineer, software engineer, architect, agile enterprise coach, and technical leader.

Michael started his career as a manual tester soon eager to implement test automation tools in his projects. He joined Tricentis, leading test management and automation tool vendor, as a consultant for testing projects. Through a long list of customer projects, he gained a lot of insight into large-scale enterprise software development projects.

Back when Tricentis made the transition from consulting to a product company he joined the development team as a software developer. After several stints in related but more outside-facing roles as sales and implementation engineer in all of Europe and the US, Michael returned to the fast-growing development team 5 years ago as an agile coach and engineering leader.
As the VP of Engineering, he is working with Tricentis’ agile teams on a daily basis, dedicating his time to scaling the
teams, processes, and methods as well as finding a balance between the ever-increasing demands for quality and speed.


Topic:  “How to ship a new product in 4 months or less” (#Agile)


Rarely do you have the chance to take an existing product development organization and task it with developing a completely new enterprise-grade product from scratch and shipping it to production for Fortune-2000 companies within just 4 months?

How do you go from 5 scrum teams and a product idea to mastering a new tech stack, setting up delivery pipelines, staying on track, deploying to production after 2 months, to successfully launching the product just another 2 months later?