Marko Potkonjak

Marko Potkonjak-Endava

Marko Potkonjak graduated from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, at the University of Belgrade. His way through IT industry has begun with software quality assurance and support. Nowadays, Marko is working as a Business Analyst in one of the globally fastest growing IT service companies, Endava.

Marko belongs to a generation of engineers who are surrounded by Agile from the beginning of their professional carrier. He was lucky enough to find himself within all of the Scrum Team roles.

Working with services companies enriched him with diverse experience regarding agile implementation and various challenges he faced.


“Six Agile Campfire Stories“

Marko Potkonjak is going to share with you mistakes and challenges in Agile implementation process, from a senior engineer perspective working within outsourcing company.

All outsourcing companies sometimes struggle with internal communication or with client. In his speech, Marko will share with you some of the common Agile pitfalls, that he went through. During his speech, Marko will lead you in an interesting way through the following six stories:

  • Who’s afraid of Daily,
  • Big Bad User Story,
  • Team Work and the Beast,
  • QA and the sleeping beauty,
  • Story of a forgotten PO,
  • Master that killed the Agile.

Marko is a speaker and a moderator on the Discussion stage at the 3rd Agile Serbia Conference. He will share with you experience regarding challenges and mistakes, what you should not to do and some solutions to presented problems. Do you feel like a forgotten Product Owner, or a Scrum Master with authority, or are you a team member that believes that the happy spirit has left your office? If all the above is checked, you should definitely join this discussion! Share your story with a campfire!