Marko Majkić

He is a Senior Agile Coach and a big Professional in the Scrum world.
He is Marko Majkić.


Marko Majkić is Senior Agile Coach and COO of agile software development company, TMS. He’s been part of the software development world for more than 35 years, having a strong technical background.

Now, being part of an agile and Scrum world for more than 12 years, he’s focused on agile transformations, working as an agile and Scrum coach and trainer. Marko helped several companies to embrace and implement agile values, principles, and practices. Marko is a CSM, CSPO, CSP, and ECA Certified Business and Management Coach.

Marko is on his mission of creating teams and helping them to become highly effective and efficient, delivering high value to the business. Enjoys working with the organizations unlocking their potential for greatness. Using his strong technical background, agile and coaching competencies he improves the processes, communication and guide people improving themselves.


Topic: „Why QA is an important person in an Agile environment“ (#Tech)


  • QA in waterfall vs. QA in agile
  • QA: what’s my job?
  • In an agile setup, QA is a developer’s best friend
  • How to set up QA processes and structure in an agile environment?
  • How to align QA with agile values and principles?


QA role has been underestimated for decades in the software development world. Of course, no mystification is needed, but QA work became more complex in terms of structure, levels of testing, QA people involvement and required knowledge and skills. On the technical side, there is a complete range of skills you might need to do a QA job. Also, QA job is not a single “clicking” job, but you have a whole set of different tasks and skills which might be required from QA employee. For me, even more important, most of the time, QA people are the ones with the most extensive knowledge of the business domain and the application developed. You will hear about how to structure the teams and organize QA people to improve the quality of your applications and deliver high-quality software, the right stuff and for the right people.