Marko Majkić


Marko Majkić is the Agile Coach at Bosch. He’s been part of the software development world for more than 35 years, having a strong technical background.

Now, being part of an agile and Scrum world for more than 12 years, he’s focused on agile transformations, working as an agile and Scrum coach and trainer. Marko helped several companies to embrace and implement agile values, principles, and practices. Marko is a CSM, CSPO, CSP, and ECA Certified Business and Management Coach.

Marko is on his mission of creating teams and helping them to become highly effective and efficient, delivering high value to the business. Enjoys working with the organizations unlocking their potential for greatness. Using his strong technical background, agile, and coaching competencies he improves the processes, and communication and guides people to improve themselves.

Topic: Please DO agile! (#Agile #workshop)


BE agile, don’t (just) DO agile” is probably the most potent mantra within the agile community. But thought leaders and agile coaches are not offering support on this path of “becoming agile”.

I believe that “DOING agile” is the most important part of walking on the path with the goal of becoming agile. I will walk you through one model that will help you walk the agility path using Dilts’ Neuro-Logical-Levels. As a coach, you will learn how to utilize this structure to ensure you’re doing with the agilization on all levels, individual, team, or organizational. And more than that – you will learn how to walk this, agile walk towards becoming agile and how to bring real benefit to the individual, the team, and the organization.


Let’s DO some Agile!