Marc Nieman & Katharina William

Marc Nieman and Katharina William will take you on a journey, starting from why happiness at work does matter for your business performance to practicing live hands-on tools to improve happiness and motivation.


Marc believes in the power of people, creativity and collaboration, and the ability to achieve amazing things when engaged and committed people come together! Unfortunately, too often these powers are diminished or blocked by outdated corporate structures & cultures.

Marc applies his passion to support people, teams, and organisations to transform the way they organise and manage work, creating environments where engaged employees create value for companies, customers, and society.

Marc has broad experience in enterprise wide change initiatives and Agile transformations in IT, marketing, HR and management. He is certified Scrum Master, Product Owner, Agile Coach, and SAFe practitioner, as well as Customer Experience expert and licensed Management 3.0 facilitator.


Katharina is on a mission: redefining leadership as group responsibility and empowering people to take over corresponding tasks. She firmly believes that people’s happiness is an integral part of the recipe to make organizations sustainably successful.

As a CEO of Management 3.0’s flat-hierarchy team, she feels that leadership is not about authority but about facilitating co-creation and enabling people to work according to their strengths.

Besides her CEO role, Katharina is also a successful leadership coach for ScaleUp organizations. A work that she bases on systemic and neurscientific qualifications and over 10 years of experience in Change Management and Leadership consulting in various company environments.


Topic: “Agile leadership = happiness @work?by Marc Nieman & Katharina William (#AgileLeadership)


How each one of us can put it into practice tomorrow. Employee happiness – everybody is talking about it, but…

• What does science say about its actual importance?
• Does agile leadership actually make people happier?
• What are the benefits and challenges?
• And most importantly what can we, as managers, leaders, coaches or HR professionals actually do to improve employee happiness in day to day business?


Management 3.0’s mission is Agile Leadership for HAPPIER PEOPLE and successful organizations.