Marc Löffler

Marc Löffler

Marc Löffler is a renowned speaker, author, and Agile Coach. Before he entered the world of Agile, he had been working as a traditional Project Manager for companies like Volkswagen AG and Siemens AG. Transforming our world of work and helping teams in implementation of Agile frameworks – that is his devotion. Marc helps teams that are struggling with agile transitions and overcoming dysfunctional behaviour. He loves to generate new insights about approaching common problems from the other side, through deliberately tumbling processes.

Marc is the author of the book “Improving Agile Retrospectives”, published in the Mike Cohn signature series by Addison-Wesley Professional. Marc works with companies like Bosch, Daimler, and Audi. He has trained hundreds of people in the last couple of years. He was a speaker at around 50 conferences across Europe.


“Why Scaling Scrum should be the last thing you should do”

Marc Löffler is coming to show you how scaling can be dangerous, and often more harmful than right choice for your company. . According to him, there are tons of other stuff a company has to do, before they should even think about Scrum scaling. Very often, Scaling is the last thing that company should do.

Marc thinks that Agile Scaling Frameworks in the corporate world are very appealing. More and more business people think that this is the next logical step on their company Agile journey. In his speech, Marc will explain why this is the entirely wrong approach.

He will present you various scaling anti-patterns. For example, there is the Agile Translation pattern, and Marc will present you all possible ways to cope with it. Furthermore, he will challenge you to think about a completely opposite approach to the scaling, and prove you that it is a better approach.

Marc Löffler is a speaker on the Epic stage at the 3rd Agile Serbia Conference. Come, become aware of the typical pitfalls in scaling Agile, and get some concrete ideas on how to avoid them in the context of your own organization!