Marc Löffler

Marc Löffler

He is a truly fancier of Scrum Retrospective.
He is Marc Löffler.


“I’m not sure if the hardware will be available on time to integrate this story but we could use an emulator instead.” – Marc Löffler


The retrospective is his passion. Marc Löffler is a master in this Scrum field. His expertise is colored with his capability to convince people of the benefits of Agile. That’s why he’s a professional. By Marc’s name, you’ll read that he’s an honored speaker, author, and Agile Coach. Previous experience as a traditional Project Manager for international companies (Siemens AG, Volkswagen AG) helps Marc to deeply understand what is mandatory for one company transformation. But, his real devotion is the implementation of Agile frameworks. Especially when teams have doubts and are struggling with agile transitions.

Improving Agile Retrospectives is Marc’s book published in the Mike Cohn signature series by Addison-Wesley Professional. Also, he trained hundreds of people across the world and held lectures at around 50 worldwide conferences. Bosch, Audi, and Daimler are companies that gave trust to Marc in order to advise them about the Agile approach.



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