Lyubomir Mihaylov

He is a Scrum Master and Agile Coach with competencies in Scrum process, Agile methodology, Agile Games. He is Lyubomir Mihaylov.

He was experienced enough to take part in various projects designed to enhance digital transformations while providing training and professional development opportunities in Agile methodologies and the Scrum process. Attending Agile conferences around the world as a speaker.
The roles required him to analyze current business processes in order to help recruit and build robust teams to maximize efficiency and communication through collaboration and teamwork. Through organized coaching sessions, presentations, demonstrations, and workshops, he has been able to effectively communicate business objectives and design operational and team planning initiatives while maintaining compliance with risk management procedures and business standards. Through proven leadership, his efforts have allowed him to build, motivate, and enhance diverse teams based on trust and accountability. His contribution to the Agile community: A free-of-charge gatherings in Sofia,  similar to Tobias Mayer (Scrum Clinic); sessions with experienced and less experienced Scrum Masters and Coaches in topics that are in demand.