Luka Aničin

Luka Aničin

He is a value-driven and technology agnostic.
He is Luka Aničin.

What is common to Scooby Al, BlueLife Al, and Data Science? Yes, you guessed – Luka Aničin. His biography is astonishing. In the first place – he’s an experienced Artificial Intelligence Engineer and Data Science lover. Whether he’s in education, production, or coaching, his reliance on the Agile methodology is inevitable. That’s why he’s professional in different projects and programs.

Luka is the founder of Scooby Al and Project Manager in BlueLife Al, a successful start-up. Also, he’s an Instructor on Udemy, a well-known platform for continuous education on which at the moment holding two Courses (Artificial Intelligence A-Z: Learn how to build an AI and A Complete Guide on TensorFlow 2.0 Using Keras API).

As a proven Data Science Subject Matter Expert Luka in his portfolio has the following topics: OCR for car chassis numbers, electricity grid optimization for multiple countries, object detection pipeline for image search system, etc.


Workshop: Machine Learning


Workshop agenda:

  • Introduction to Machine Learning through practical and visual examples;
  • Review and work on case studies on which you’ll apply Machine Learning algorithms on real datasets;
  • Based on these cases you’ll see how you can make data-driven decisions.


The everyday world is generating unbelievable amounts of data, and for us, it’s impossible to process it and understand it any time soon! That’s why we create algorithms to do that on their own and help us make better, data-driven decisions down the road.

If you are a decision-maker and want to learn how to get the most out of Machine Learning for your business, the workshop Machine Learning is a great place to be! On the other side, if you are a developer who wants to have this fantastic tool inside the toolbox, this is a great starting point!

  • The number of participants: 40 (20 per one workshop)
  • Prerequisites:

* An essential Agile knowledge/experience is a must
* It is too short a time-slot to explaining the Agile basics

  • Workshop duration: 1.5 hours
  • Workshop moderator: Luka Aničin

+381 11 4500 733