Luka Aničin

He is a value-driven and technology agnostic.
He is Luka Aničin.

Luka Aničin is an Artificial Intelligence Engineer with over three years of experience in energy, retail, education, finance, and other industries. Besides the engineering role, he is a Data Science consultant that helps teams and companies become data-driven.

In his career, he had worked in many different startups. Because of the dynamic and fast-changing startup environment projects success highly relay on the Agile methodology. Luka is an online courses author in which he teaches common Data Science concepts and showing how to use them in a real-world setting.

Some projects that Luka Aničin has in his portfolio: Electricity grid optimization for multiple countries, OCR for car chassis numbers, object detection pipeline for image search system, etc. He is putting his knowledge and experience into one to coach people interested in Data Science.


Topic: „Brand Sentiment recognition using Natural Language Processing (NLP)” (#Tech)


In Today’s world of Social Media, we have an easy way to connect with our clients and find out how they feel about our company. In this workshop, you’ll implement an advanced Machine Learning system to recognize positive vs. negative tweets about your company and determine how your customers feel and speak about you.

In the past, this research cost thousands of dollars and a couple of months of research time. With Today’s technologies, you can do this cheaply and create much better and data-driven decisions.

Join me in this workshop to learn how to leverage ML for your branding.



– Basic knowledge of Python required