Ivan Avdić

Ivan Avdić is Senior QA engineer and Senior Java developer with years of experience in security software testing.

Ivan has been in Endava from the start of his career. He started as a automation tester and moved to java development at some point only to return to software testing discipline to focus on security.

He is cyber-security enthusiast and loves teaching and promoting security awareness and security culture, as well as helping teams incorporate security testing processes in their everyday life.

In spare time enjoys learning about security and penetration testing as well as playing with vulnerable machines and CTFs.



How to fit security testing in each sprint?


It is not easy to apply security testing in processes nowadays. Current standard for security across our industry is suboptimal. Agile teams generally lack the knowledge on security and often depend solely on penetration test done at the very end phase of the project.

Many companies lack Security Culture. Many don’t even know what Security Culture is. We all know the risks of security breaches, but what are we doing about it? What can we do about? How should we do it? Let’s talk about that.

Join Ivan and enjoy in his topic at DEV stage of Agile Serbia Conference.