Howard Sublett – Grand opening

Grand opening with Howard Sublett.

The Chief Product Owner at Scrum Alliance, former director of community development at SolutionsIQ.


Howard Sublett is the Chief Product Owner at Scrum Alliance, a new position for him and for the organization as they continue to evolve toward sustainable agility. He brings a wealth of experience in a variety of agile practices to this role, including serving as an agile coach and leader at several agile consultancies.

As a Chief Product Owner, his primary responsibilities are to forge coalitions, to decide which products and services best deliver value to and serve customers, and to promote agile and Scrum principles and values in the greater community. 


Scrum gives teams the context, autonomy, mastery, and purpose to be able to solve complex problems and delight customers. Scrum teams have joy in their work because they understand the work they’re doing, the problems they’re solving, and their impact – Howard Sublett


Before joining Scrum Alliance in 2018, Howard championed the SolutionsIQ culture as Director of Community Development. As the face of SolutionsIQ, Howard could regularly be found building relationships at industry events and hosting the popular Agile Amped podcast series. Internally, Howard advocated for the individual and nurtured the company’s teams.

Howard Sublett is focused on people, who they are, and what they need, and lives according to the mantra that strangers are only friends he hasn’t met.  He is passionate about making workplaces joyful, sustainable, and prosperous with agile principles, practices, and values—and about sharing this message with the world.

Howard will be the Keynote Speaker on October 7th, at the Main stage (Opening Ceremony).