Gunther Verheyen

Gunther Verheyen calls himself an independent Scrum Caretaker on a journey of humanizing the workplace with Scrum. He has been Scrumming since 2003, has worked with a variety of organizations and teams since then, was a partner of Ken Schwaber (co-creator of Scrum), and has published two acclaimed books about Scrum.


Topic: Co-management in a product hub (#AgileTalk)


Many organizations twist Scrum to fit their existing organizational structures, which are often departmental or functional silos. This reinforces micromanagement and other motivation-destroyers. Scrum has no instructions or definitions for organizational structures. The fact however that ‘product’ (as the vehicle of value) is at the heart of Scrum is a good starting point to re-think existing organizational structures around Scrum. When product-based thinking is supported throughout the organization and product hubs emerge, the consumers and creators of an organization’s products will thrive. Embrace stewardism and management as a shared activity for a product hub.


Gunther will speak at Regional Scrum Gathering Belgrade 2021 on October 8th on the Main stage.