Erwin Verweij

Erwin Verweij is a renewed Certified Scrum Coach. Before specializing in Agile frameworks and collaboration techniques, Erwin was a project manager in the ICT industry. He believes in the self-management abilities of people and considers a conducive work environment to be a catalyst for the development of remarkable initiatives. It is his pleasure to assist people in working and thinking in this manner. Erwin has gained over seven years of experience in this approach and continues to learn and grow every day. He is also the author of the book Viking Law, in which he outlines his vision of Agile work and management.


Topic: Viking Law (#Vikings #Agile)


Were the Vikings right? Was the import of their legislation, the first in Western Europe to be recorded, a step in the right direction? Was the move from bloodshed and robbery to trade and cooperation the correct path? History shows that the Vikings slowly disappeared but their influence remained.


To this day, the traces of their culture is still noticeable in art and architecture. But as humans, we lost it. The tough thinking. The daring. The go-getter mentality. We deal with uncertainty almost every day. What is still allowed and what is not allowed? Entrepreneurship and responsibility are important aspects. Change and especially innovation is the new way of thinking. Maybe giving that old legislation a new chance at life wouldn’t hurt. To bring back primal thinking and mix it with our current way of working. We can use new targets we may plunder and rob in order to attain them. You may be a Viking.