Dr. Alistair Cockburn

Dr. Alistair Cockburn

He is a Technology Hero and Agile Software Superman.
He is Dr. Alistair Cockburn.


“We get things wrong before we get things right.” – Dr. Alistair Cockburn


His Heart of Agile is huge. Original co-creator of the Agile Manifesto is now well-known and pretty exceptional. But, his contribution to Agile Software Development is tremendous. The Agile Project Leadership Network, the International Consortium for Agile and Crystal family of the Agile Methodologies are just small pieces of his remarkable puzzle career.

Three of his books have been listed in ”The Top 100 Best Software Books of All Time”. So many choices between Agile Software Development: The Cooperative Game, Writing Effective Use Cases, and Crystal Clear: A Human-Powered Methodology for Small Teams.


Experience with the Heart of Agile


The Heart of Agile is always a challenging topic. The dominant success factor for improving success is simple motivation: motivation to communicate and collaborate, motivation to deliver fragments to the world to get feedback, motivation to pause, reflect, and improve. The “heart of Agile” consists of only these 4 words: Collaborate, Deliver, Reflect, Improve. In this talk, Dr. Cockburn will outline the motivation for creating the heart of Agile wording, it’s unfolding, with stories of its use in different settings.

As one of the Stars of the upcoming Conference, Dr. Cockburn will be open for discussion and useful guidelines about this topic. You’ll get an opportunity to ask him whatever you want, about real-life examples or some challenges with processes.

He’ll introduce these topics on All-Stars Stage, and for more exclusive information, you’re welcomed on Panel within the Conference. Don’t hesitate to join this amazing Event!