Dejan Dimić

Nowadays Dejan presents himself as a senior software hacker, with more then 20 years of experience in the software development industry. He has been contributing in various domains as a Software Design Architect, Vice President of Engineering, Mentor, Open Source Software and standardization body contributor, all the way to the hands-on developer, he still finds writing codes as his passion and hobby.

Throughout his career Dejan has contributed in design and development of complex, real-time, security intensive solutions. As a member of Open Mobile Alliance Device Management working group, Dejan incorporates his experience and knowledge in developing standards for mobile industry, that are meant for the use in Internet of Things related solutions.

Dejan’s career began way back in 1994 when he won first place for a scientific paper that he had written during his University days on the subject of „Object Oriented Programing in Chemical Engineering“. Since then, he has been incorporated emerging tehnologies, methodologies and tools (Agile and BDD) in various companies and teams that he has worked with. Naturally Dejan thrives to spread his knowledge and experience thoughtout the IT community. He is a co-founder and an active memeber of Ruby Serbia and JS Belgrade groups.

Dejan has spoken many times on domestic and international conferences, presenting mostly Internet of Things and Software Design related topics. His lectures share a unique perspective on the software engineering transitions in order to prepare and predict new opportunities.