Danny (Danko) Kovatch

As a seasoned veteran in the IT industry and the first CST in Israel, Danko is a well recognized international speaker with unique ways of presenting Scrum to newcomers. His first steps began in 1997 when he completed 5 years of service in the Israeli army in a special elite program, where he was Group Manager in a computer unit. Afterwards, Danko joined a startup by the name of EagleEye, a subsidiary company of New Dimension where he was in charge of several development groups.

In 2000, BMC purchased New Dimension and Eagle Eye became a business unit of BMC. In 2005, Danko was exposed to Scrum and from that date there was no looking back. Danko gained more and more knowledge and experience in Agile and specifically in Scrum and found himself lecturing and helping other companies to implement Scrum.

After leaving BMC, he served as VP R&D in several companies and when the demand for Scrum was too much to handle in parallel, he resigned all posts and became an independent consultant. After an intensive year in which Danko lectured and implemented Scrum in dozens of companies, he initiated AgileSparks. Danko has left AgileSparks on 2017 and founded Ajimeh, a company that dedicated its vision to help other companies to fulfil their potential by expanding their business consciousness mainly by AGILE tools but also with other tools BEYOND AGILE like leadership, mindfulness, facilitation techniques, negotiation gambits and more.

Danko is best known for his great enthusiasm for Scrum and his unique ways of delivering workshops.


Topic: 5 martial belts of a Scrum Master (#Scrum Master)

While a lot had been said and written about a scrum master, in this session we are going to describe the levels of the scrum master. From a white belt scrum master that is doing everything for the team and not letting go, to a black belt scrum master that knows how to coach the team and creates self organized and cross functional group of people. If you are a scrum master, this session was created for you.