Christophe Martinot

Christophe Martinot is the co-founder of SeedingEnergy S.L. and the founder of Agilewow4all.

He is a marketing expert and a convinced promoter of Agile for organizations.

His professional portfolio includes working in FMCG (L’Oréal, Danone), pharmaceutical (Sanofi, Lundbeck, Novo Nordisk,…) and medical device (Abbott) global marketing and corporate communication (Omnicom) companies, with leadership positions within marketing and sales teams locally and internationally.

Christophe Martinot is passionate about continuous improvement and the constant search for greater efficiency.

His vision: Members of the organizations are happier in their work because of their way of working and the value they bring to their clients and entities.

His mission: teach and support marketing, sales, communication, etc. teams seeking greater efficiency using agile mindset and project management frameworks.



Topic: “Business Agility, a fantasy or a necessity?” by Christophe Martinot (#AgileMarketing #AgileSales)


Today, 8 out of 10 employees are not engaged with the organization they work for. Yet most organizations are looking to grow and better serve their customers in an ever-changing environment. On this path, they tend to forget a critical part of the equation: their people.

What is important is that organizations offer their employees new ways of working. They promote a new mindset and put employees, as well as their customers, at the heart of the organization.

For marketing and sales teams, Agile is the best way to innovate and achieve growth. But, how an organization managed to adopt Agile in its marketing department? What benefits it was able to obtain?


It doesn’t matter whether the organization as a whole is agile according to the standards! It doesn’t matter whether a single department is agile not!

What matters is that the agile mindset spreads gradually. And it’s important to have motivated and committed people. Such an organization will always perform better than an organization that works with unmotivated people.


Christophe will share his vision of the applicability of AGILE in the corporate world!