Christine Neidhardt

Christine Neidhardt is a Healing Catalyst, Visionary and a passionate Transformation Coach. In 22 years she worked for a broad range of markets from agriculture, over events to Management and IT.  Her work focusses to create spaces where people can grow and show up. She is a Certified Scrum Professional and a Certified Scrum Master, works as a co-lead for CAL trainings and speaks frequently on Agile conferences.

Since 2014, Christine has led the TrustTemenos Leadership Academy together with Olaf Lewitz. In 2016, again with Olaf Lewitz she published a workbook for leaders – Showing Up, available on LeanPub.

Her authentic personality, curiosity, international fluency and passion for innovative ideas have helped teams and projects from very diverse fields to thrive and have longterm success in the vast range from music to IT. Part of her power lies in not attaching to the projects she helps creating, but letting go early enough to help other people to step up and lead. With her systemic and integral background as a Coach, she acts as a bridgebuilder for Agile transformation projects. She builds communication bridges between classical and innovative projects, between HR and IT, as well as among Management, Coaches and Software Engineers.

“From nonsense meetings to innovative conversations”

Surely all of you know the feeling of wasting your time on meetings! Christine knows the feeling of nonsense meetings, and she’s going to discuss it with you – how to become interactive and innovative in conversations you’re having.

Meetings occupy a big part of our work week.  We have an agenda for all of them, but somehow they use to become meaningless. Let’s dig deeper into the success factors of meetings, and how we can make them work in future. Let’s see how we can get even more meaningful and innovative conversations in our projects, which could bring success, fulfilment and joy into our workweek. During this discussion, you will have a closer look into Scrum meetings, their role and how we can make them work.

Christine is a speaker on the Dev stage at the 3rd Agile Serbia Conference. She will moderate a discussion, where she expects all the participants to share their own experience about meetings in Agile environment. Don’t miss it!