Ángel Medinilla

The first thing you can notice, while listening to Ángel Medinilla, is his deep passion for Agile topics and ICT issues. He has more than 20 years of experience in this field. Besides this, he is a founder and Lead Consultant at Improvement and Proyectalis. Today, those are a leading Agile consulting and coaching companies in Spain and one of the most well-known in Europe and Latin America. He’s a licensed Management 3.0 Trainer, a SAFe Program Consultant, and a member of Scrum Alliance & Agile Alliance.

He is a Spanish Agile influencer and a well-known speaker at Agile conferences worldwide. Furthermore, he’s very interested in training & coaching opportunities. 

Books that he wrote are one of the essential literature in Agile community. We sincerely recommend you to read Agile Management and Agile Kaizen: Continuous Improvement Far Beyond Retrospectives. He also contributed to the publication Beyond Agile: Stories of Agile Transformations.

Ángel Medinilla is very welcome guest in Belgrade. This year again, we have the honor to host him on Regional Scrum Gathering Belgrade 2022 and hear one of his new talk.


Topic: “Agility’s Final Boss is…Well, The Boss” by Ángel Medinilla (#AgileLeadership)

Agility is a mindset. Agile is a culture. And managers (especially middle management) are the resonating beacons of an organization’s culture. At the same time, tools are only as useful as the people who wield them. Unfortunately, most Agile trainings for managers focus on tools, methods, processes, roles and blueprints…”Doing” Agile instead of BEING Agile.

During his talk, Ángel Medinilla will explain the development of the Agile Leadership model, as well as the means to leverage the transition to this mindset. The goal of this keynote is to give you an insight of this process and some ideas on how to kick-start an Agile Leadership program in your own organization.