Ángel Medinilla

Ángel Medinilla

He is a devoted Aikido practitioner and a Spanish Agile influencer.
He is Á
ngel Medinilla.


“When everything else fails, try the Jedi Mind trick .” Ángel Medinilla


The first thing you can notice while you listening to Ángel Medinilla is his deep passion for Agile topics and ICT issues because he has more than 20 years of experience in this field. Besides this, he is a founder and Lead Consultant at Improvement and Proyectalis, and today, they’re considered as a leading Agile consulting and coaching companies in Spain, and one of the most well-known in Europe and Latin America. He’s a licensed Management 3.0 Trainer, a SAFe Program Consultant, and a member of Scrum Alliance & Agile Alliance.

As a Spanish Agile influencer, he’s been doing some gigs in Ireland, Germany, Finland, Netherlands, and Germany and is very interested in training & coaching opportunities worldwide.

Books that he wrote as one of the essential literature in Agile community are Agile Management, Agile Kaizen: Continuous Improvement Far Beyond Retrospectives, and Beyond Agile: Stories of Agile Transformations.


Change Management


Have you ever wondered why if Agile is such a good idea, people are resisting it so much?

This question is frequently asked among organizations that are interested in changing. So, what’s the reason that your bosses agree to it when you explain it, but fail to change their behavior later on? Why people revert to their previous state when you stop pushing them in the right direction? Why it’s so difficult to convince clients about trying Agile? Above all, why everyone is OK with change, as long as it’s ‘others’ the ones who change?

Angel Medinilla is for sure the king of change management. For most of us, the problem is not to understand burn-downs, story points, or user stories, but to make change happen in our organizations and stick it to people’s mind. We’re proudly inviting you to join this talk to understand more about how and why change – any change – happens or fails in any kind of human group, how to define and assess corporate culture, and – hopefully – how to hack it for profit and fun (oh, well, and for everyone’s happiness too).

Angel is waiting for you on the All-Stars stage and Panel within the Conference where you can find out more insights about Change management.


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