Andrea Goulet

Andrea Goulet

She is a fearless lady with the capability to mix empathy and technology.
She is Andrea Goulet.


“Stop calling yourself non-technical. If you work with technology, you are technical – it’s just a matter of degree.” – Andrea Goulet


Creating a functional Agile culture is a never-ending process. Andrea Goulet knows how to color those mechanisms. She’s named by LinkedIn as one of the ”Top 10 Professionals in Software” under 35 in 2017. Her learning objectives are directed towards agile anti-patterns and antidotes, the company’s culture, building trust in teams along with specific strategies to remedy each issue. She’s an active writer, blogger, industry leader, and frequent keynote presenter who shares her perspectives about building a business based on balance, trust, and empathy. Her most popular talks are ”Empathy is a Technical Skill” and ”Communication is just as important as Code”.

At this moment, Andrea is working on her first book Becoming Technical: Build an Amazing Software Career from Square Zero.


“Creating an Agile Culture”


Creating an Agile Culture is always challenging, right? Andrea Goulet will explain how to build agility into the heart of your organization by developing trust, communication, productivity, and innovation in your team. Want to reap the benefits of Agile? You’ll need to look beyond sprints and standups and into your organization’s culture—it’s the foundation of any successful Agile rollout.

Andrea will help you to learn how to identify six common “anti-patterns” of Agile adoption, along with specific strategies to remedy each issue. Discover how to cultivate an Agile mindset on both a team and individual level, and empower your team members to succeed. Besides this, some of the learning objectives that you’ll hear from her are: combatting stress and silos, why culture matters, Agile anti-patterns and antidotes, building trust and your team and encouraging communication.

See you at Andrea’s lecture on the All-Stars Stage and Panel on the same day.