Ana Roje Ivančić

Ana Roje is a DevOps Consultant and Azure DevOps specialist (ex VSTS/TFS) with 15+ years of experience in the field of professional software development. She believes that the right combination of agile practices and integrated tools can help software development teams achieve continuous value delivery for their customers.

Ana frequently speaks at various local and international industry conferences and regularly delivers training workshops. She has been awarded by Microsoft as MVP for Developer Technologies, she is a licensed Professional Scrum Trainer (PST) at, and additionally holds a number of Microsoft development and Scrum certifications.




DevOps Transformation in Microsoft – Case Study


Microsoft has embarked on its DevOps journey more than 8 years ago, when it started modeling a new set of engineering tools and practices called One Engineering System (1ES), fully based on their own platforms – Azure DevOps (ex Visual Studio Team Services -VSTS) and Azure. Since then, multiple product development teams have gone through a massive transition in terms of how they organize their work and deal with infrastructure, tools and processes.

This session tells the story of the transformation of 70+ teams with more than 800 people that develop Azure DevOps, both Services and Server (ex Team Foundation Server – TFS). These teams have been previously producing the monolithic 3-tier on premises TFS environment every couple of years. Nowadays, they moved to the cloud cadence and deliver daily updates to Azure DevOps Services, their global scale, always available, cloud SaaS service made up of dozens of micro-services. At the same time, they deliver the same capabilities on premises every few months.

Join me to learn how Microsoft’s teams transitioned from an inert waterfall to a highly performing agile organization, whereby drastically changing the way how they develop, test, deploy and monitor their products. We will explain how they manage large agile distributed product development, how they improved their development process by switching to GIT, how they changed their approach to testing and quality control and managed to take full control over their technical debt.