Almudena Rodriguez Pardo

Almudena Rodriguez Pardo

She is a passionate Agilist and DevOps Professional.
She is Almudena Rodriguez Pardo.


Almudena Rodriguez Pardo is a DevOps queen. She’s an experienced Agile Transformation and Business Agility Consultant supporting and advising companies all over the world. She studied computer science at RWTH University Aachen (Germany) and started working for Ericsson in 1995. Almudena has a strong technical background as a developer, quality coordinator and technical market support engineer in different organizations within Ericsson ICT Development Center Eurolab (Germany). Since 2011, Almudena was strongly involved in the Agile transformation and DevOps deployment at Ericsson and worked as an Agile and DevOps Consultant for Ericsson customers.

She is a well-known public speaker with an international reputation at Agile and DevOps conferences. She has been invited to Agile Tour London, Scan Agile Helsinki, Agile Practitioners Tel Aviv, delivery of Things World Berlin, Agile Pep Minds Berlin, Conference Agile Spain, etc… Furthermore, she contributes to the Agile community with publications like InfoQ. Almudena is certified as PMI-ACP, SAFe SPC5, Certified Kanban Coach, Management 3.0 Licensed Trainer, ICP-BAF, and LeSS Practitioner.

Three years ago Almudena created her own company Rodriguez Pardo & Assocs where she works as Business Agility Consultant.  

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DevOps strategy: let’s put an end to the “War of the Roses” 


Automate everything! is the message continuous delivery drivers broadcast… and this is great! Continuous deployment is playing an essential and decisive role in the world of software development. DevOps, as a fundamental strategy for continuous delivery, is not an option anymore!

However, what we should not overlook is, the key role people play as automation enablers. Especially when it comes to complex DevOps scenarios, the recipe for success is the intensive collaboration of all ‘Dev’ and ‘Ops’ parties involved. Here management support is essential in order to break traditional rivalry between departments, where we are often facing a legacy close to a ‘war of roses’.

Now, even if business acknowledges the advantages of agile methodologies as support for a DevOps strategy, is there really a buy-in from executive management when it comes to knowledge sharing, cross-functionality, and self-organization among employees? Are we ready to break the silos within our organizations?

Let’s take a deep dive into the challenging situations our developers and operators face, in order to achieve an outstanding DevOps success story!

Almudena is a speaker on the Big-League Stage the upcoming online Agile Serbia Conference. She will moderate a discussion, where she expects all the participants to share their own scenarios about different roles people play in any DevOps strategy. Don’t miss it!