Roland Flemm & Alexey Krivitsky

Regional Scrum Gathering Belgrade 2022! Organizational Topologies

Alexey Krivitsky & Roland Flemm are very experienced agilists.

Alexey Krivitsky (CST) started using Scrum in 2005. Being both a developer and a front-runner agilist, Alexey Krivitsky played an important role to initiate the Agile Ukraine community. Since 2008 he has been actively appearing in the Agile community as a conference producer, speaker, and independent agile consultant.

Alexey Krivitsky is the author of one of the most popular Scrum educational simulation games: lego4scrum and a book on retrospectives Quick Start in Agile Retrospective.

In recent years he focuses on the development of the Large-Scale Scrum (LeSS) approach and use these principles when leading agile at corporate level.

Roland Flemm (PST) was a developer and infrastructure specialist for 20-years. In 2009. he became a Scrum Master. Since 2015, he grew into international agile consulting with a focus on large Scale Scrum (LeSS) adoptions. Also, he has been actively appearing in the Agile community as a conference speaker.

Roland Flemm is the creator of the Koos Coach agile comic series as well as Elements of Scrum ScrumCards.



Topic: “Organizational Topologies: Improving Transformation Results with Adaptivity that Fits” by Alexey Krivitsky & Roland Flemm (#Agile)


Many organizations struggle to adopt Agile in a way that delivers on its promise to make the company fast, flexible and efficient. Global consultancy firms have great pitches on how to adopt different so-called “Agile frameworks”. The marketing is great, but are the results too?

We see how companies get stuck in adopting a framework. They are forming “Agile teams”, appointing “product owners” and then clustering into “teams of teams”. Thus creating robust structures that make further organizational improvements and adaptability difficult, slow, and expensive.

We believe that every organization needs to discover its own Agile adoption goal. Then they can lay down a path to it.

In this session, Alexey & Roland propose a context-driven approach to find the level of adaptivity that fits in the context of your organization. You will learn a new way of looking at organizational transformation towards high adaptivity. They will offer a realistic palette of corporate transformation strategies using archetypical organization topologies.