Alex Sloley

Alex Sloley

He is an Agile specialist. And expert with an extraordinary sense of humor.
He is Alex Sloley.


Alex Sloley is an Agile consultant, specializing in Agile training, Agile coaching and software development best practices. Alex is a fifteen-year veteran of Microsoft where he acted as a Program Manager, Software Test Engineer, and Software Design Engineer in Test.

At Microsoft, he shipped in over ten products, worked with Microsoft Research on multiple high-profile projects, and helped lead his organization into the enterprise-level implementation of Scrum. As an Agile consultant, he has led Agile transformation efforts at a variety of clients, spanning industries and incorporating a diverse range of Agile practices.

He’s a really great Agile Sensei: Coach, Mentor, Facilitator, Teacher, Mentor and Software Design Engineer and Software Test Engineer and Program Manager. Alex enjoys building, working with, and leading agile organizations. He loves cutting-edge software and firmly believes your job should be fun.

Also, Alex is an international conference speaker and workshop facilitator. He managed large and diverse teams onsite, onshore, offshore in both India and China. Because of his expertise in problem solving and technical innovation, he has an extraordinary capability to deliver results on-time in high-pressure situations.


“The Product Owner and Scrum Master Brain Transplant”


Imagine you are a Mad Agile Scientist and have an experiment to conduct – what would happen if you exchanged the brains of a Product Owner and Scrum Master? How would the body of a Product Owner with the brain of a Scrum Master acts? And vice versa?

Perhaps the Scrum Master would now treat the team like a backlog? This Scrum Master would be focused on value and maintaining a coaching backlog of team and person improvements. This Scrum Master is refining the team, crafting a group that delivers value. On the other side, Product Owners will learn that they can love their backlogs. This shift in attitude and how they view their work can transform their tedious backlog maintenance into a labor of love. For example, a PO may change the meeting title from “Backlog Refining” to “Backlog Coaching”.

Scrum Masters will learn that it’s OK to push the team to grow. This change in perspective will empower the Scrum Master to focus on value and encouraging the best they can get from their team. All attendees will be introduced to the concept that traditional role paradigms can be shifted.

Join the fun on the Big-League Stage and adopt some fantastic insights!