Aleksandar Zeljković

Aleksandar Zeljković is a test engineer passionate about automation, technology, and innovation. His technical background and testing expertise enable him to drive product development to excellence.

Result-driven, with both business and technology-oriented approaches, he supports his customers with the appropriate infrastructure, metrics, and tools, within a given context. Automating the repetitive, improving the process, pushing the software quality forward, no matter the circumstances.

Prominent tech professional from Novi Sad IT community and speaker at Agile and Tech events, such as Agile Testing Days.


Topic: “The elements of test automation” (#Tech)


In the era of Agile and DevOps, rapid software development, and tens to hundreds of releases per day, releasing high-quality software had become a huge challenge for software development companies. Companies are forced to release their products as soon as possible due to the dynamic market but on the other hand, a product needs to meet high standards in terms of quality and performance. Software validation and verification as the last step of the development process is not an option anymore since it increases the TTM, but sacrificing the quality through testing cut-offs is not acceptable as well. Luckily, the software development industry brought up a practice that managed to significantly speed up the software testing process and enable rapid delivery – test automation. Despite the increasing popularity of test automation, many development teams are not sure about the needs, costs, implementation, and structure of test automation. Let’s step back and take a high-level look at some of the foundational parameters of test automation so you can understand what do you need to do and what do you need to have in order to implement successful test automation in your team.