Agile Serbia Virtual Panel

Retrospectives in Remote Conditions

30th of April 2020, via Zoom platform

On the 30th of April, Agile Serbia organizes the fourth Virtual Panel „Retrospectives in Remote Conditions“, from the series of Agile afternoon panels with Ivan Ivanović as a host! 😊

In this panel, we will talk about:

  • How to prepare a team for a remote retrospective?
  • What are the crucial steps before the retrospective?
  • What are the main basics of effective remote retrospectives?
  • How to build trust and be supported in a remote environment?
  • How to collaborate with different types of people?
  • How to keep participants engaged during retrospectives?


We will also discuss what are the challenges with retrospectives in remote conditions.

As in the previous panels, Agile Serbia’s team member Ivan Ivanovic will be the host of the panel. 😊 This time, the panelist is Marc Loffler – Agile Coach and author of the “Improving Agile Retrospectives” book. Join us, we have a lot of surprises for you. Stay tuned! 😊

See you on Thursday, 30 April at 6 pm.

  • Topic of the Virtual Panel: „Retrospectives in Remote Conditions
  • Location: online via Zoom platform
  • Date and time: April 30th, 6 pm
  • Registration at:


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The first step is to download MatchAbout application from App Store or Google Play. Register and join the Event (Agile Afternoon Panels). Once you have been registered, you can share your experience, challenges, you can connect to other experts, talk to panelists, vote, ask questions, download material, and many more options. Enjoy the experience. 😊