Product Ownership: Real-time challenges and how does it work in practice?

5th of November 2020, online via MatchAbout

with Predrag Rajković


We’re going to say over and over again – education is never on the break! Right that. Especially in turbulent times when we appreciate each advice, formal and informal knowledge, practice and personal improvement. Agile Serbia is always giving the best to be in touch with the latest news and information from the Agile world.

Because you asked, we’ll fulfill this. On the 5th of November 2020 together with amazing Predrag Rajković, we’ll organize Webinar Product Ownership: Real-time challenges and how does it work in practice?“

Now, Predrag prepared something that is always necessary when you’re a truly fantastic Product Owner. We all need practice, right? Also, we all need some useful tips & tricks as well as someone who is going to listen to our doubts and suspicions in work with the team and clients. In this Webinar, we’ll discuss Product Ownership in practice and real challenges.

We believe you all have common problems and of course, fails that are normal when you’re working and learning. Remember, learning is a never-ending process. Predrag will through the interview with us talk about these topics:

  • Product Owners without real ownership (that is, without making decisions);
  • Product Owners without previous knowledge about Product Management;
  • How and why Management doesn’t have trust in POs;
  • How to solve the problem when Management doesn’t believe that the Agile approach can change anything in their business (and this is a very common problem).


And no, this isn’t going to be a one-way lecture, but a real discussion. Also, we’ll discuss Product Management and Product Development and how Predrag makes the distinction, and what he prefers in crucial decisions.

The Webinar is, of course, free and organized through the MatchAbout platform giving you the best experience in this event.

  • Topic of the Webinar: „Product Ownership: Real-time challenges and how does it work in practice?”
  • Location: online by MatchAbout (Event – Agile Serbia Community)
  • Target audience: Product Owners, Product Developers, Product Managers, Team Leads…
  • Date: 5th November 6 pm, 2020
  • Registration at: MatchAbout application (Event – Agile Serbia Community)


The official application we will use for our webinars is our start-up project MatchAbout, an awesome tool for events! Created to help us connect, share, learn, and have fun at the same time. On this platform, you can participate in the upcoming webinar with an amazing Predrag Rajković!

The first step is to download the MatchAbout application from App Store or Google Play. Register and join the Event (Agile Serbia Community). Once you have been registered, you can share your experience, challenges, you can connect to other experts, talk to panelists, vote, ask questions, download material, and many more options. Enjoy the experience. 😊

Predrag Rajković

Predrag Rajković

Predrag Rajković knows how to be extraordinary in Agile. Especially in coaching. More than 15 years of experience in this kind of field is proof of his expertise. Predrag is a digital professional and Agile practitioner trying to help companies and people to become more successful. He’s an Agile Coach. Predrag is an Advanced Certified Scrum Product Owner, Experienced People, and Product Manager with a rich history of working in the telecommunications and IT industry.