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Product Owner as a Product Manager & Product Developer

17th of October 2019, in Belgrade

with Predrag Rajković


Agile Serbia has organized MeetUp “Product Owner as a Product Manager & Product Developer” on the 17th of October 2019. with Predrag Rajković as a moderator.

Predrag is an experienced digital professional and Agile practitioner who help companies and people to develop their products. Experienced People and Product Manager with a proven experience in TelCo and IT industry, able to support Development Teams and Product Owners in improving their modus operandi. Currently works as an internal coach for implementing Product Design and development techniques.

On this MeetUp we discussed Product Owner role, we analyzed this role and its place in Agile and Scrum. We discussed what is Product Owner in Scrum, the definition of the role, its tasks, and the most common problems in production organization.

Going more in deep of this role, we discussed Product Management and Product Development, what is it and how does Product Owner role fit into these and is it possible that one PO does all this? We talked about what are possible ways of splitting this role to be successful in all these roles.

Diving deeper in Product Management role, participants were introduced with topics such as:

  • Product lifecycle – Lean Product Lifecycle (Lean PLC);
  • What is the role of Production Developer in this lifecycle;
  • Techniques that Production Developer can use in certain steps of the lifecycle (comprehensive list);
  • Paper prototyping;
  • Definition – what is it for, differences to phases (MVP is smaller than first phase), difference to project approach of the first phase;
  • Continuous product improvement – customer feedback analysis, new user stories creation, backlog grooming, etc.

We would like to thank you all who took participation in this MeetUp, because it was a highly dynamic and interactive atmosphere, with great session, questions and discussions. 😊

Due to a lot of interest in this topic, we will be organizing another MeetUp on this topic. Soon we will inform you about a new date. Stay tuned! 😊


Predrag Rajković

Predrag Rajković is an experienced digital professional and Agile practitioner who help companies and people to become more successful in Agile implementation. He is an Agile Coach helping organizations in their transformation to become more Agile companies. Also a prominent member of Agile Serbia community. Currently works as internal coach for lean UX, supporting organization in their products and agility improvement. He is a pioneer of introducing Scrum into his organization and main contributor in scaling Agile to more teams. Predrag believes in Agile approach as a key factor for success in digital arena.


+381 11 4500 733