Let’s talk about Agile #3: Leadership is a mindset, not a role!

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Do you know who is Modern Sensei?

Drastic times are calling drastic measures or people. These persons are agents of change. And no – this isn’t a phrase. It’s a fact. They have different names, but generally speaking – they’re leaders. Because you asked, we did it. The next Tuesday we’re organizing a whole new Podcast in order to find out: Are we all born leaders or is that just a widespread myth? In which relation is Leadership with different Roles?


Our Speakers are true Professionals: Olaf Lewitz, Miljan Bajić and Marko Branković, three amazing guys who have invaluable experience with modern leadership and all of its aspects. Olaf Lewitz is Agile Leadership guru. He has over 15 years of experience in Agile. Olaf is a Certified Enterprise Coach of the Scrum Alliance. On the other side, Miljan Bajić is recognized as an expert in Agile. He helps organizations, teams, and individuals collaboratively design systems that combine lean thinking and agile approaches to deliver maximum organizational effectiveness. They mostly will talk about one important issue and never-ending question…


…who and where are Leaders?


Everyone and everywhere! For example, Product Leadership contains outstanding vision, exceptional product strategy and road map and marvelous product backlog prioritization. What about Scrum Master Leadership? Yes, he/she is a servant leader, whose personal skills have a huge relation with desirable leader’s skills. Besides them, there are fantastic leaders in the Development team as well as in the C-level management! And just to remember: leadership is changing and that depends on different factors and surroundings. This Podcast will also provide you answers to the upcoming questions like:


  • What’s the difference between a leader and Agile leader?
  • In what way the Scrum Master is a servant leader?
  • In what way the Product Owner is a product leader?
  • Who is a leader in the Development team?
  • How leadership affects C-level executives and their approach to organizations and colleagues?
  • Leadership Stereotypes and Myths – what are the most common in Agile leadership?
  • How really Agile leadership looks like in practice?

…and many more interesting topics we’ll clarify with these experienced Professionals! 😊


true leader is someone who (in the most cases) has: communication of the journalist, enthusiasm of the child, prudence of the diplomat, eloquence of the priest, courtesy of the king, discretion of the lawyer and an entrepreneurial spirit of the pioneers.


The Podcast is, of course, free and organized through the MatchAbout platform giving you the best experience in this event.

  • Topic of the Podcast: Leadership is a mindset, not a role!
  • Location: online by MatchAbout (Event – Agile Serbia Community)
  • Target audience: Scrum Masters, Product Owners, Product Developers, Product Managers, Team Leads, Developments, C-level executive roles…
  • Date: 27th of April 6 pm, 2021
  • Registration at: MatchAbout application (Event – Agile Serbia Community)


The official application we will use for our Podcasts is our start-up project MatchAbout, an awesome tool for events! Created to help us connect, share, learn, and have fun at the same time. On this platform, you can participate in the upcoming event with an amazing Olaf Lewitz, Miljan Bajić and Marko Branković, as our dear Moderator!

The first step is to download the MatchAbout application from App Store or Google Play. Register and join the Event (Agile Serbia Community). Once you have been registered, you can share your experience, challenges, you can connect to other experts, talk to panelists, vote, ask questions, download material, and many more options. Enjoy the experience. 😊