Let’s talk about Agile #2: 10 years of Agile in Serbia – where do we go from here?

Welcome to our new Agile Universe: Agile Serbia Podcast, your online corner with the latest and the most popular Agile topics!


Agile is always an inspirational topic, especially on the Serbian market, right?

During these 10 years, a lot of things have changed and those adjustments are inevitable. So, for this second Podcast, we’ll prepare great Speakers, always delightful topics and many more interactions with Participants! You’ll hear Tips & Tricks, as well as effective guidelines for upcoming challenges!

Well, we’ll have the best speakers, Professionals in these vocations: Marko Branković, Zoran Vujkov, Marko Majkić and Bojan Spasić, four exceptional guys with tremendous experience in Agile, not only in Serbia but world-wide.

We can’t wait to discover:

  • Why teams decided to use Agile? A new way of working or current crisis?
  • Differences between Agile from business and Agile for developers
  • What Agile frameworks can we use, why and where?
  • Scrum = framework recipe?
  • Is Scrum a solution for all teams?
  • Scrum Master junior – what are his/her challenges on the first job?
  • Is Certification enough for my career?


And, this isn’t over! If you wanna know the main differences between Scrum Master role and Agile Coach role, how much technical Agile practices are used in teams and many, many other fantastic topics – stay tuned!


The Podcast is, of course, free and organized through the MatchAbout platform giving you the best experience in this event.

  • Topic of the Podcast: 
  • Location: online by MatchAbout (Event – Agile Serbia Community)
  • Target audience: Scrum Masters, Product Owners, Product Developers, Product Managers, Team Leads, Developments…
  • Date: 8th of April 6 pm, 2021
  • Registration at: MatchAbout application (Event – Agile Serbia Community)


The official application we will use for our Podcasts is our start-up project MatchAbout, an awesome tool for events! Created to help us connect, share, learn, and have fun at the same time. On this platform, you can participate in the upcoming event with an amazing Marko Branković, Marko Majkić, Zoran Vujkov, Bojan Spasić and Ivan Ivanović, as our dear Moderator!

The first step is to download the MatchAbout application from App Store or Google Play. Register and join the Event (Agile Serbia Community). Once you have been registered, you can share your experience, challenges, you can connect to other experts, talk to panelists, vote, ask questions, download material, and many more options. Enjoy the experience. 😊