Agile Serbia Virtual Panel

Let’s be Agile! Well, but what does Agile mean?

12th of May 2020, via Zoom platform

On the 12th of May, Agile Serbia organizes the fifth Virtual Panel „Let’s be Agile! Well, but what does Agile mean?“, from the series of Agile afternoon panels with Ivan Ivanović as a host! 😊

In this upcoming panel we will talk about:

  • How to change the world in unchangeable conditions?
  • Challenges with “NO” arguments to change?
  • How to be a Change agent in your company?
  • How can we “convince” management and team to make a change, whether it is Agile or something else?
  • We have a daily meeting, are we Agile?
  • Are we focusing more on form instead of purpose of Agile?
  • What are the things we need to have in mind in order to walk the Agile path?

We will also discuss crucial steps to successful change and desirable patterns in Agile transformation.

As in the previous panels, Agile Serbia’s team member Ivan Ivanović will be the host of the panel. 😊

Our panelist is very passionate about public performances and listed as one of the biggest professionals in Agile world! Also, he is the third most active Management 3.0 Trainer in the world (out of more than 400) with 70+ official events facilitated.

„When everything else fails try the Jedi Mind trick“ is his one of favorite quotes about business life. He has helped several mid to big size companies transition to more Agile / Lean ways of working – latest projects involved a 60K people-sized whole company transformation over five countries.

And yes, he is considered as one of the leading Agile / Lean experts in Europe and Latin America. He regularly works worldwide helping companies to improve their teamwork, processes, products and culture. 😊

Did you guess? Yes, Ángel Medinilla is our next superstar and panelist! Join us, we have a lot of surprises for you. Stay tuned! 😊

See you on Tuesday, 12th of May at 6 pm.


  • Topic of the Virtual Panel: „Let’s be Agile! Well, but what does Agile mean?
  • Location: online via Zoom platform
  • Date and time: May 12th, 6 pm
  • Registration at: Zoom link which you can find on MatchAbout application (Event – Agile Afternoon Panels)


The official application we will use for our Afternoon panels is our start-up project MatchAbout, an awesome tool for events! Created to help us connect, share, learn and have fun at the same time. On this platform you can find link for Zoom for this upcoming panel with this amazing speaker!

First step is to download MatchAbout application from App Store or Google Play. Register and join the Event (Agile Afternoon Panels). Once you have been registered, you can share your experience, challenges, you can connect to other experts, talk to panelists, vote, ask questions, download material, and many more options. Enjoy the experience. 😊