Happiness at work is not a myth

The Necessity for Redefining Leadership & Creating Happier Environment at Work. Why do we need to improve company culture and employee happiness?

We are announcing a new podcast episode to introduce trending topics for organizations and companies worldwide. One of such topics is, without a doubt, Happiness at work. Many tried to solve the ever-lasting mystery of – Why we constantly fail to motivate people and create a happy work environment and with little or no success. Until the appearance of a new mindset – Management 3.0.

This is why we have invited Vladimir Kelava, an experienced Agile Coach & Management 3.0 Facilitator to tell us something in more detail about a happier and more productive work environment. According to the founder of Management 3.0, Jurgen Appelo – Happiness is something we create, it is not something to achieve. It is a path we choose, not a destination to arrive at.

The Talk

We will cover some of the general introduction to Management 3.0 and the reasons why most companies need to redefine leadership. Vladimir will explain how he ended up using M3.0 to improve everything within his team. Since we all love to hear examples from real life, you will get to listen about the organizations that were successful in implementing these principles. Moreover, Vladimir will introduce the most popular tools and practices for companies to achieve balance and happiness for their employees.

Who is it for?

This podcast is for anyone who feels their workplace can be happier and more productive. There is always a place for improvement, and our idea with this talk is to help you identify weak spots and to point out the right tools to make things better.


The podcast will be available on Thursday, November 18th on our Youtube channel Agile Serbia. The video will also be posted on our community on the MacthAbout platform. If you are up for discussion feel free to join our community.

The podcast will be hosted by Marko Brankovic, Founder & CEO of Puzzle Software.