Agile Serbia Virtual Panel

Estimates or NoEstimates – Pros and Cons

14th of April 2020, via Zoom platform

The third Virtual Panel „Estimates or NoEstimates – Pros and Cons“, from the series of Agile afternoon panels with Ivan Ivanović as a host, Agile Serbia organizes on the 14th of April! 😊

In this panel, we will talk about:

  • What is Agile estimation? What are story points and why do we use them?
  • How do we estimate story points and how do we award them?
  • Estimates or NoEstimates?
  • What is the Value of Probabilistic Thinking?
  • Can we predict exact future delivery dates, despite the unpredictability of knowledge work?
  • Do usual techniques of estimation always work? What are the challenges with estimation?

We will also discuss what is the difference between an estimate and a forecast.

As in the previous panels, Agile Serbia’s team member Ivan Ivanović will be the host of the panel. 😊 This time, the panelists are Sonya Siderova – Expert in Product Development, Petri Heiramo – Certified Scrum Trainer and Zoran Vujkov – Agile Coach and Trainer.

Join us in this virtual panel, via Zoom platform.

See you on Tuesday, 14 April at 6 pm.

  • Topic of the Virtual Panel: „Estimates or NoEstimates – Pros and Cons
  • Location: online via Zoom platform
  • Date and time: April 14th, 6 pm
  • Registration at:

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